Country of Origin: England

Milk-type: Pasteurized Cow’s milk

This cheese is suitable for consumption by vegetarians

One of England’s famous traditional county cheeses: Double Gloucester is a mellow, buttery, and pleasantly nutty semi-firm cheese, with a pale orange colour. The historical origin of the prefix “Double” in the name is unknown, although there is a slightly more crumbly, and milder version called Single Gloucester. Double Gloucester has a more creamy flavour and consistency than most of the other great British cheeses, which tend to be drier, saltier, or more piquant in character. Nonethless—Double Gloucester is enjoyed for its full-bodied savoury flavour, and often served with garlicky or otherwise pungent foods. Sausages, whether cooked or cured; fresh or pickled onions, and chow chow or spicy relish all pair especially well with Double Gloucester—especially served alongside a hearty loaf as part of a Ploughman’s Lunch.

Beverage Pairings: English Ale, especially if serving with savoury pickles or garlicky relishes—with which Gloucester pairs nicely. If you prefer wine: try a Cabernet, Rioja, or Sauvignon Blanc.

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