This hard cheese is made in the Appenzell region of North-East Switzerland. During the curing process, Appenzeller is regularly washed with an herbal brine (based upon a traditional recipe) that promotes the formation of a natural rind on the cheese. The flavour of this cheese is nutty and fruity, with a characteristic “spicy” (in the sense of flavour, not of heat) quality that becomes more pronounced the longer the cheese is aged. The paste is smooth and dense, scattered with a few pea-sized, perfectly round holes. Appenzeller goes well with fresh fruits and nuts; due to the uniquely spicy flavour, it is a popular choice for fondue.

Appenzeller is available in two varieties—Classic and Surchoix.

Appenzeller Classic has silver label and is aged for three to four months. It is savoury, buttery, and mildly spicy flavour.

Appenzeller Surchoix has a gold label and is aged for four to six months. It is drier and firmer than the classic and has a stronger spicy flavour.

Wine Pairings: Semi-sweet whites, late harvest, or light wines. Chenin Blanc, full-bodied oak & butter flavoured Chardonnay, Chianti, Piedmont Reds, Cabernet or Zinfandel.

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