One of France’s most iconic cheeses, Camembert, was puportedly first manufactured by a Norman farmer in the late 18th Century. Nowadays, cheesemakers all around the world produce various interpretations of the cheese; Canadian Camembert are some of the best regarded versions made outside of France, with many receiving a number of awards and decorations in recognition of their high quality. With a pale yellow interior and thin, white bloomy rind, Camembert has a rich, creamy mouthfeel; slightly salty, distinctly buttery flavour, with a mild to pungent earthy aspect (depending on the ripeness), and an aroma of mushrooms.  See also our other varieties of Camembert, as well as Brie—the milder sibling cheese of Camembert. Wine Pairings: Champagne, Pinot Noir or Beaujolais, Sauvignon Blanc, California Chardonnay. Sizes are approximate – Click Here for more info