Country of Origin: Wales

Milk-type: Pasteurized Cow’s milk

Hailing from Northern Wales, this classic British cheese advertises itself as a “powerful” cheddar—and it certainly lives up to the name. Collier’s is a proud and conscious representation of the region from which it originates; their founder references a family background in mining and “Wales’s proud industrial heritage” as the key inspirations for their company ethos and approach to cheesemaking.

Pleasantly intense, with a mouth-filling sharpness and a complex savoury-sweet body: Collier’s Cheddar is everything that a cheddar should be, potent but well-rounded. Best paired with a nutty-sweet, bitter British ale—which will emphasize the complex fruity undertones of the cheese—Colliers in fact inspired Gower Brewery to craft a beer expressly designed to be served alongside this very cheddar.

An apple or pear cider, alcoholic or not, as well as spicy ginger beer would all work very much work to the benefit of the cheddar; each serving to emphasize different aspects of the nuanced, carefully matured flavour that makes Collier’s so popular. For a truly classic pairing that hearkens back to the very inspirations for this cheese, and will no doubt highlight all of its best qualities: enjoy a chunk of Collier’s Cheddar as part of a traditional Welsh miner’s lunch, alongisde a warm, baked pasty or a hearty loaf and a mug-full of piping hot black tea (brewed strong).