Country of Origin: Switzerland Milk-type: Thermized, unpasteurized cow’s milk This hard cheese is made in the Appenzell region of North-East Switzerland. Appenzeller Surchoix has a gold label, and is aged for four to six months. It is drier and firmer than the classic, and has a stronger “spicy” (in the sense of flavour, not of heat) character. During the curing process, Appenzeller is regularly washed with an herbal brine (based upon a traditional recipe) that promotes the formation of a natural rind on the cheese. The paste is smooth and dense, scattered with a few pea-sized, perfectly round holes. Appenzeller goes well with fresh fruits and nuts; due to the uniquely spicy flavour, it is a popular choice for fondue. Wine Pairings: Semi-sweet whites, late harvest or light wines. Chenin Blanc, full-bodied oak & butter flavoured Chardonnay, Chianti, Piedmont Reds, Cabernet or Zinfandel. Sizes are approximate – Click Here for more info