Country of Origin: Ireland

Milk-type: Pasteurized Cow’s milk

Cashel Blue is a modern Blue Cheese from County Tipperary, in Ireland—the first cheese produced by J&L Grubb. Cashel is a hand-made, creamy blue cheese with a moist rind and mild vein presence. The flavour is buttery, slightly grassy, with a touch of acidity and honey notes on the finish. Another excellent option for those wishing to explore Blue cheeses but not yet fully accustomed to them, Cashel blue has a relatively mild Blue vein which is effectively balanced by its otherwise creamy, slightly sweet aspect.

Serve with warm bread, walnuts, fresh grapes, apples, and pears

Wine pairings: a mellow, medium-dry white wine; light and fruity red wines

Sizes are approximate – {WEIGHT_POLICY}