Country of Origin: France Milk-type: Pasteurized Cow’s milk One of the most historic French cheeses, having been made as long ago as the time of the Gauls, and purportedly coming to prominence throughout France when it was served at the table of Louis XIV—Cantal is a firm, farmhouse style cheese, with a golden-yellow flesh and a rustic-looking, rather mottled rind. Produced in the Auvergne region, Cantal carries a protected name and is produced in accordance with a list of specific criteria and strict quality controls. The cheese is often described as as the “Cheddar of France”, both in that it has a flavour remeniscent thereof and that is occupies a similar place in French culture as a very popular table cheese. Cantal is fairly dense and semi-hard, but the mouthfeel is buttery, rich, and a little fatty. The flavour is savoury and full-bodied, pleasantly sharp, with a tangy—slightly bitter—finish. Cantal has a complex, bold character and distinct aroma; tasting notes include tobacco, dried wild grass, buttermilk, and turned soil.